Ridgetop Acres, An Equestrian Community
Beautiful Wooded Lots On Miles Of Trails

Ridgetop Trail Information

When you ride the Ridgetop trails, you'll most likely find them beautifully maintained and very well marked.  Ridgetoppers often have "trail work days" to keep the trails free from woodland debris and repair eroded sections.

Trail markers make it very easy to make informed choices at intersections because nothing is worse than thinking you're on a particular trail but not seeing any markers and wondering if you've gone too far or not far enough, or somehow missed a turn!

From Ridgetop, you can access hundreds of miles of trails in the Big South Fork. Winters are generally mild and, most years, you can ride right through the colder months. During summer months up on the Cumberland Plateau, it's usually 5-10 degrees cooler than it is in Knoxville to the east or Nashville to the west. The park has a lot of tree canopy so the trails are shady, and there are many stream crossings where horses can drink.

The National Park Service has placed markers throughout Big South Fork; they look like little blue dog tags. If you get lost, just call and provide the number on the tag; it corresponds to a grid on the map which makes it easy for park personnel to pinpoint your location.

Ridge Toppers

     There is a very active trail association at Ridgetop, the Ridge Toppers. Participation is voluntary but many members of the Ridgetop community enjoy working outside and they participate in the trail work day held every Wednesday. Ridgetop developer, Robert Livingston, is very generous in providing materials for trail maintenence, such as loads of gravel, culverts, dozer time and whatever it takes to keep the trails safe and in good repair. Volunteers generally do light work such as weed eating, removing small downed trees, clearing brush and picking up trash.

     There are many social events and fundraisers held throughout the year. Ridge Toppers has a weekly 'get together' dinner every Tuesday evening, which rotates among several local restaurants. In addition, Robert Livingston deeded a pavilion to the trail association and it is in frequent use for various events, including the potluck suppers held there during good weather.

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