Ridgetop Acres, An Equestrian Community
Beautiful Wooded Lots On Miles Of Trails

Financing Your Purchase

You may be fortunate to be a cash buyer, with the wherewithal to make an offer on the spot. If not, there are certainly other possibilities.

There are lenders who will finance the purchase of raw land, but a larger down payment is usually required than for a residential purchase. Farm Credit, for example, generally requires 25% down. Knowing this may help you figure out your options.

You can use an amortization table by getting online and typing "amortization table" into Google or any search engine and you can play with the numbers....amount down, percentage and how many years the term of the loan will be, so you can figure out how much a monthly payment would be.

Ridgetop's developer, Robert Livingston, can also provide financing. Generally, it's at a higher rate than you'd get from a conventional lender, with the deed transferred into your name when the note is paid in full.

Robert has a sales office in Ridgetop, where he can meet you to discuss your dream—and how to get it.


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