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Jamestown is on the Cumberland Plateau, in middle Tennessee; it's about an hour and a half northwest of Knoxville and about two hours northeast of Nashville.

There are different ways to get here; you can get off I-40 at Exit 317 and come up State Highway 127N. If you come in through the nearby town of Oneida, you may not know about "going through the gorge!" The directions you download from Mapquest or the instructions you receive from your GPS will not tell you that, if you are coming from the east on State Highway 297W, you will be descending 600 feet into the gorge on a narrow road that has a 13% grade....an important piece of information for those towing long trailers. A series of switchbacks will bring you down to the point where you cross the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River at Leatherwood Ford and up the other side toward Jamestown.

But, the important thing is that you get here!

Big South Fork National Park is shaped like an amoeba; it sticks out here and it sticks out there; there are a number of trailheads where you can park your rig in order to ride different sections of the park.  If you're making the trip without horses, you may want to book a ride with Larry McMillan at Southeast Pack Trips http://www.southeastpacktrips.com/ and see the trails firsthand. Other trailheads are designated for hikers or mountain bikers.

The area attracts photographers because its rugged beauty is so alluring and Tennessee/Kentucky are renowned for having more wildflowers than any other state.

The population of Jamestown is around 2,000. It is the seat of Fentress County and has a small hospital with a growing medical community; in addition, most people here in this rural area subscribe to AirEvac which provides transport by helicopter to larger hospitals in larger towns or cities.

World War I hero Sargeant Alvin York was born, raised and died in Fentress County. He built the Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute, which is Jamestown's high school.

Jamestown is on Central time, so you will gain or lose an hour coming and going and you'll want to factor that in.

Also, this is a dry county so, although you can buy beer, you may want to bring wine or liquor.









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