Ridgetop Acres, An Equestrian Community
Beautiful Wooded Lots On Miles Of Trails

Some Basic Information

Retiring to Tennessee is appealing for a number of reasons, such as mild winters and low taxes, but for trail riders the draw is Big South Fork National Park, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and fabulous network of trails extending up into Kentucky. As the area grows in popularity, equestrian communities have been developed to accommodate humans and horses.

Ridgetop Acres is a 1,700-acre development located approximately seven miles from Jamestown, Tennessee, adjacent to the Big South Fork National Park. As you drive through Ridgetop, you'll see wooded tracts ranging from small to substantial, from two or so to twenty or so acres, which appeal both to those who plan to make this area their full-time residence, or those desiring a vacation home. All tracts provide immediate access to trails that lead into the Big South Fork National Park.

There are several miles of trails within Ridgetop, all beautifully marked and easy to follow.

Welcome to Ridgetop Acres

You're in the heart of horse country here, in this low-key equestrian community.

The land is gently rolling and lot sizes vary so you can accomodate one horse, two horses...or several horses.

Ridgetop has several miles of trail, providing rides on varied terrain within the development and including dramatic overlooks and waterfalls. Trails are very well marked and you'll soon come to appreciate the work the trail committee does when you come to a lunch stop and can tie up at a high line or a hitching rail, sit at a shaded picnic table or use a handy mounting block.

Ridgetop abuts Big South Fork National Park with its miles and miles of wonderful trails and its myriad of stunning geographic and topographic features.

Restrictions are minimal; they're sufficient to protect your investment without being so onerous that you feel constrained.

There are four distinct seasons here, with long springs and falls and a short, usually mild winter. Property taxes are low and the cost of living is low, too.

Make a trip to Tennessee and see for yourself. You'll fall in love like the rest of us who came and didn't leave!


Robert Livingston, Developer

Some Basic Information

Membership in the Ridgetop Trail Association is voluntary, with annual membership dues of $50 and trails have been and will be continue to be deeded to the association to ensure continued maintenance.

Ridgetop is a horse-friendly community that is just beginning to grow. There will be about 450 lots when all phases of the development have been completed. The homes that have been built in the past few years are more substantial than simple cabins, giving Ridgetop a more suburban feel. Ridge Top Drive itself is a smooth ribbon of asphalt; the paved road contributes greatly to the look and feel of the area.

There are many opportunities to socialize, whether it's riding together, participating in a trail work day or a cookout. 

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